Human incapacity to notice plants as living creatures is a common condition which has a considerable impact on its irresponsible attitude and treatment of them (Hall, 2011). This phenomenon describes the deficit, which is known as Plant Blindness (Hall, 2011).


Upon identifying the problem of Plant Blindness, it was necessary to question the brief through secondary research about forests and its diversity. Instead of searching for ways to harness the woodlands, my aim was to increase the value of woodlands by understanding its complex behaviour. Whilst reviewing recent research into surprising insights of plant abilities, my objective of the process was to have use of new digital devices to make the invisible behaviour visible to the audience. Finally prototyping, testing and creating different stories.


An interactive augmented reality trails that enables people to see the complex behaviour of trees and to understand its natural environment in forests across England. By using the augmented reality, the user can experience different stories about trees and explore the invisible aspects of their lives.


 Hall, M. 2011. Plants as persons: a philosophical botany. State University of New York Press.