Refugees are risking everything to make a treacherous journey because the lives they left behind posed an even greater danger than the sea route. This migration route is not only the most trafficked in the world; it is also the deadliest, with more than 15,000 deaths recorded since 2014. The only safety is a lifejacket. It gives them a better feeling, they know, in an emergency, it would keep them afloat and provide some extra time to be saved. While Europe is investing money to keep the refugees away, non-governmental organisations in patrol boats remain one of the few forms of protection for those being ferried over the Mediterranean sea by human traffickers. This Organisations mostly exist only by volunteering workers and do not have enough money to send out more boats.


The goal of this project is to collect the lifejackets from the happy people who made this treacherous journey safely, recycle the Jackets to backpacks, sell it and donate the money to the non-governmental organisations to support them on the beautiful volunteer work to save more lives. A lifejacket that saved one life can maybe save another.