The tri-border-area Meuse–Rhine Euroregion of the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium is facing one potential, dangerous risk because of the unsafe reactor of the nuclear power station Tihange in Belgium. 

The number of protesters and their actions against this problem speak for their awareness of the potential danger, but unfortunately only a very few are clear on how to act if they should sudden disaster become their reality.


To analyze and implement the topic well, primary and secondary research was undertaken. With the gained insights and completion of the quantitative analysis, I began to engage in qualitative research. I started survey/interviews, during which I conducted with the potentially affected target group on the subject of Tihange and its dangers and the protection. With the theoretical knowledge, I eased my way into the practical implementation, which facilitated the path of the awareness campaign.


WTSHT_ is an awareness campaign that informs and provides the essential tools in the case of a nuclear accident in the Meuse–Rhine Euroregion. The concept is aiming to motivate, inform and lead the audience to the action of security by getting the tools I have redesigned.